International activities

A central part of the activities of RIL is the internationalisation of members of the building and facility business and of the members of RIL. RIL collaborates with many international organisations and takes part in international scientific and technical co-operation. RIL grants technology students scholarships for international practice and supplies international jobs via the RIL-exchange programme.

Promotion of internationality

International matters are co-ordinated in RIL by the committee for foreign
matters. The committee consists of a chairman appointed by the board, and four internationally experienced members. The managing director of RIL presents the subjects to the committee.

The internationalisation of members is promoted by The Section of Internationalisation to which every member of RIL interested in international matters can belong to. A management group selected among the section members directs the activities of the section.

The planning of the international activities is done as a part of the planning process for the general activities in RIL. Current themes that RIL wants to affect have been:

  • The internationalisation education at Universities
  • The contents of the European Unions frame programmes
  • The European compatibility of the M.Sc. (tech.) education
  • The European ethical instructions for a M.Sc. (tech.)
  • The directive for public acquisitions