Membership activities

Finnish Association of Civil Engineers is an organisation that unites and serves the engineers M.Sc. (tech.) and technology students in building-, community-, environmental- and real estate business.

RIL upholds a versatile activity-basis, where experts can create networks, develop professionally and recreate themselves socially. In addition to that, RIL offers its members useful advantages and services the help them in both their career and every day life. RIL has a staff of members that is widely represented both in age- and business distribution.

RIL wants to be well known for its technically and ethically high experts. RIL also wants to promote welfare for both its members and the society.

As a member you join a very wide network of experts and you have got great impact in the development of your own business and environment. You also get to enjoy all the useful advantages that members are served. If you are not a member yet, you are most welcome to join us and we gladly assist you if you want to contact us for more information!