Professional activities

The professional activities include among many things the following activities:

  • influence on society and the conditions of activity in the business
  • activity of research and development
  • activity of competence-evaluation
  • publishing activity
  • competitions
  • information of statistics, prognoses and other current things

Influence on society

  • to bring forward the national economic and social importance of the business of engineering and its influence on the living environment
  • promote the positive development of living environment and society with special emphasise on the importance of professional skill
  • increase the members possibilities to have influence on the society
  • improve the activity conditions for the members both in their native country as well as in the international activity
  • increase and uphold the positive picture of the business of civil engineering

Influence on the conditions of activity in the business of civil engineering

The goal is to promote the development of the business, to improve the conditional and environmental activities as well as, to improve the quality and appreciation of the business. RIL will accomplish these goals by influencing the research activity, education, norms, directives and other regulations of the authorities in co-operation with the authorities and other organisations in the business.

RIL takes initiatives, has got standpoints on issues and makes statements.

The Finnish representations of RIL

RIL has got representation in many funds, organisations, boards and negotiating communities in Finland.

The institution of committee

The committees of RIL are divided in permanent committees and for special purposes founded committees, based on projects.