Do you want to be a part of the digital disruption in the field of the Architecture, Engineering and Construction, or a bystander and watch how it runs over you? If you want to understand what Artificial Intelligence means to AEC sector, please join the conference with the other potential forerunners!


The seed for this conference was planted with the preparation of the IABSE AI Workshop 2020. The high international interest towards the 2020 event, showed that AEC industry has clear lack of this kind of global conference. Our industry is now ready to take the next step in AI deployment and move from building the foundation towards creating the value from data and AI.



Please describe how your proposal is related to the topic of the conference?

  • Maximum length of the proposal is 500 words

  • Frame of the content of the proposal

    • Content

    • Methodology (idea, theory, prototype, implementation etc.)

    • Results and conclusions

If your proposal gets accepted we will ask you to submit your presentation material to be shared on the website (shareable version). Please note that you can use a different version of the presentation material in the Conference if there are copyright or confidentiality issues.



We invite you to choose from the following themes (please choose maximum three themes when submitting):

  • Autonomous Construction 

  • Circular Economy 

  • Data Analytics 

  • Data-driven Design 

  • Explainable Artificial Intelligence 

  • Generative Design 

  • Quality Control and Verification 

  • Project Management 

  • Situational Awareness 

  • Smart Buildings 

And if your sweetheart theme isn't listed, dare yet to send your proposal under the category "Other". Don't let the limits of our imagination limit yourself!



  • Regular presentation

  • Demo



  • Submit your presentation proposal by October 1, 2020 

  • Final programme will be available in November 2020



  • If your presentation gets accepted for the workshop you'll need to complete the registration and payment of the speaker fee by the end of December 2020.

  • Speaker fee is 210 EUR (+ VAT 24 %). Dinner is excluded.

  • Only one person per accepted proposal is allowed to register with the speaker fee. Should there be multiple authors joining the event then others has to register with the participant fees listed in the registration subpage.



  •  AI – Artificial Intelligence 

  • Algorithms 

  • BIM – Building Information Modelling

  • Computational Design 

  • Computer Vision 

  • Data 

  • Digital Twin 

  • Image processing 

  • IOT – Internet of Things 

  • ML – Machine learning 

  • Neural Network 

  • NLP – Natural Language Processing 

  • Ontologies 

  • Optimization 

  • Parametric Design 

  • Pattern Recognition 

  • Productivity 

  • Recommender Systems 

  • Robotics 

  • Speech Recognition 



  • If you have questions regarding submission content please contact vesa.jarvinen[at]


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