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Underground Helsinki

Helsinki may be the only city in the world that has an underground master plan. Construction of the vast underground network began in the 1980s and continues to this day. Helsinki now has almost 10 million square metres of underground spaces and tunnels that conceal a subterranean art museum, church, swimming hall, shops and even a karting track inside a civil defence shelter. A 40-metre-deep reservoir is also located beneath the city centre.

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Excursions organized by #EUROCK2022


All excursions mentioned below will be organized on September 15.
Excursions will be billed once we have reached the minimum number of participants.
Registration for excursions can be done together with the conference registration.

Detailed description of the excursions can be found below. 


Full day excursions


City of Tampere: Sulkavuori and Sandvik Test Mine

  • Price 80 EUR (Including 24 % VAT)
  • Full day excursion
  • Location Tampere area
  • Maximum number of participants 20
  • Bus transportation and lunch included
  • Starts at 8.00 at the conference venue Dipoli
  • Finishes around 18.00 Dipoli

Information video about the Sandvik test factory

Information about Sulkavuori - Tampere region central wastewater treatment plant

Contact person regarding the excursion: erik.johansson[at]


8.00 Start from conference venue Dipoli
10.15 Visit at Sandvik
12.30 Lunch at ABC Kolmenkulma
13.45 Visit at Sulkavuori
15.45 Transport back to Dipoli
18.00 End of Excursion

Half-day excursions


VTT Eurofins and Aalto tunnels

  • Free of charge
  • Morning excursion
  • Location Espoo
  • Maximum number of participants 30
  • Walking excursion
  • Starts at 8.00 at the conference venue Dipoli
  • Finishes around 12.00 Dipoli

The tunnels are located 20 m below ground in granitic rocks below the Otaniemi campus of Aalto University and are a part of the civil defense system.

The Aalto research tunnel was built in 1970s and is currently used by the Civil Engineering department of Aalto University for research and teaching. The recent research projects focused on the study of rock fractures, underground thermal energy storage, engineering geology and geophysics. The tunnel has a unique, 100m long tunnel with unsupported rock wall that has been extensively used for photogrammetry research and rock mass mapping teaching.

The VTT test hall is located in a shelter system nearby and is currently managed by Eurofins Expert Services. The current activities focus on building product testing

Contact person regarding the excursion: mateusz.janiszewski[at]


Helen - Katri Vala heating and cooling plant

  • Price 30 EUR (Including 24 % VAT)
  • Morning excursion
  • Location Helsinki
  • Maximum number of participants 20
  • Bus Transportation included
  • Starts at 8.00 at the conference venue Dipoli
  • Finishes around 12.00 Dipoli

Address: Vilhonvuorenkatu 9a 

Description: The Katri Vala Heat Pump Plant, located underground, is the largest heat pump plant in the world to produce heat and cooling. The plant recycles waste heat from purified wastewater, as well as excess heat from buildings such as data centres. Givern its success, a new cavern has been excavated between from 2021 to 2022 and sevent heat pump will be commissioned in 2023 and it will increase the heating capacity to total of 155 MW and cooling capacity to 104 MW. The new heat pump will be one of the worlds largest heat pumps. So far, the carbon dioxide emissions of the plant are 80% smaller than for example in separate heat production with heavy fuel oil.

Information about the Katri Vala heating and cooling plant

No photographs are allowed in technical area

Contact person regarding the excursion: topias.siren[at]


Merihaka Civil Defence Shelter

  • Price 30 EUR (including 24 % VAT)
  • Afternoon excursion
  • Location Helsinki
  • Maximum number of participants 25
  • Bus transportation included
  • Starts at 13.00 at the conference venue Dipoli
  • Finishes around 15.30 Dipoli


Construction of civil defence shelters has been mandatory in Finland since 1954. There is space for a total of 4.4 million people in approximately 54 000 shelters all around Finland. The shelters protect against explosions, building collapse, radiation, and hazardous substances. Highest level of protection is provided by type S6 shelters excavated in solid rock, which can withstand a direct hit from the typical tactical nuclear weapons. (Ministry of the Interior, 2022) 

Merihaka civil defence shelter is one of the largest and most modern shelters in Finland, and by extension, the world. Opened in 2002, this shelter provides protection for 6000 people, 30 metres deep in the bedrock. Total area of the shelter is 15 000 m2. In peacetime, most of the shelter is used for sports and recreation.

This excursion will provide an introduction to the civil defence system and infrastructure in Finland by Helsinki City Rescue Department and a tour to the shelter. After the excursion, you have the possibility to stay in Helsinki city centre or take the bus back to Otaniemi.

No photographs are allowed in technical area

Contact person regarding the excursion: risto.kiuru[at]