The Finnish Group of IABSE is more than sixty years old and one of the oldest national groups inside the IABSE organization. The Finnish Group together with RIL have organized several IABSE events, including:

  • 2017      Helsinki Workshop ”Ignorance, Uncertainty and Human Errors in Structural Engineering”
  • 2016      IABSE Summit ”Global Risks in Structural Engineering”, Helsinki-Barcelona 
  • 2015      Helsinki Workshop ”Safety, Robustness and Condition Assessments of Structures”
  • 2014      Nordic IABSE Summit ”Engineering and Beyond”, Helsinki-Tallinn
  • 2013      Helsinki Workshop ”Safety Failures and Robustness of Large Structures”
  • 2008      Helsinki Conference “Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for Buildings, Bridges and Construction Practice”
  • 2001      Lahti Conference “Innovative Wooden Structures and Bridges”
  • 1988      Helsinki Congress “Challenges to Structural Engineering”

IABSE AI Workshop is jointly organized with IABSE Task Group 3.6


Finnish Association of Civil Engineers (RIL) was founded in 1934 as an organisation for civil engineers with a Master of Science degree and civil engineering university students. RIL supports the development of building, urban planning and environmental technology and acts to preserve solid and durable building and maintenance traditions. RIL also supervises the benefits of its members and promotes their professional skill and welfare. RIL unites the most highly-educated professionals in civil engineering in order to be able to form a versatile network.

RIL is an active organizer of international events. Read more here.

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