Do You want to be a part of the digital disruption in the field of the structural engineering, or a bystander and watch how it runs over you? If the answer is latter, then there’s no need for You to read the story below, that would only blow your mind. If the answer is “YES, I want to be a forerunner”, please join the workshop with the other potential future makers!


Digital Disruption


How society and economy are changing through digital disruption is one of the defining issues of our time. Throughout the history of the mankind, we have had a quest of seeking solutions for better human life. That has led us through industrial revolutions to the information society, where the distribution of the information, and in later face also the data collecting, have been the key factors of the digital revolution. 

The digitalization pushes us towards the next industrial revolution with the exponential expansion of the merging technology blurring the borders of the physical, digital and biological surroundings. We are facing society, where smart machines empower humans, and the digital innovations enhance the wellbeing of the mankind and the nature. It’s already penetrating trend, and it’s boosted by the artificial intelligence.


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence, AI, as a technological extension of humans, is incrementally changing human labour task. The development of artificial intelligence has gone through cycles of booms and busts, but never earlier we have had such a high and accelerating data growth. That combined with the fact, that the rise in computing power has finally made the technology powerful enough, enabling the promise of AI.

AI and Data-driven Design in Structural Engineering

We’re facing the new era in the field of the structural engineering. The artificial intelligence has arrived in the arena. It has crawled to the design work, especially through enthusiastic engineers and researchers, who see it as a possibility to make structural engineering work more efficient and interesting.

Building information modelling has exponentially added the amount of the existing data. The visual programming has made data-driven design more reachable for structural engineers, and the immersive technologies, like the virtual reality and the augmented reality, enhance the visual management of the data. And it won’t happen only at the offices. AI is present also during the execution phase of the construction projects.

Construction business has been traditionally fragmented. AI has a potential to work as a glue between the boundaries, as well as the door opener for the new opportunities. To make the breakthrough with AI in the field of the structural engineering, we need open-minded future-orientated business leaders besides the AI-orientated engineers and researchers, as well as companies and universities working in an international context. 

This workshop will offer in-depth review of current status and future impact of AI and data-driven design in structural engineering. It’s about sharing, sparring and networking. It’s a place where the future is present. See you there!

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