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Day 1 / March 25, 2020


08.00 Registration opens

09.00 Opening words
Vesa Järvinen, AINS Group / A-Insinöörit, Finland
Risto Kiviluoma, Chair of the Finnish Group of IABSE

09.15 Opening session
Session Chaired by Vesa Järvinen, AINS Group / A-Insinöörit, Finland

09.15 Keynote 1 - Artificial Intelligence as Booster and Enabler of Gigaproject – Building the Finest Bay Area
Peter Vesterbacka, FinEst Bay Area, Finland

09.45 Keynote 2 - The New Super Powers Emerging in the Architectural and Engineering in Construction (AEC) Industry
Ricardo Farinha, Sweco, Finland


10.15 Coffee & Exhibition


10.45 Session 1
Session chaired by Aki Kopra, Kreate, Finland

10.45 Structural Design Automation Driven by Constraint
Xin Zhao, Structural Engineering Department, Tongji Unversity, China

11.10 Data-driven design – Strengthening structural engineering process
Petteri Karjalainen, AINS Group / A-Insinöörit, Finland

11.35 AI supported BIM design processes using solution experience data
Henri Pitkänen, Trimble Solutions, Finland

12.00 Algorithm-boosted boiler building design
Ilari Pirhonen, Sweco, Finland

12.25 Lunch & Exhibition


13.25 Session 2
Session chaired by Eetu Partala, Sweco, Finland

13.25 Industrial property rights and the 4th industrial revolution
Hanna Aho, Finnish Patent Office, Finland

13.50 An Ontology Based Approach for Knowledge Modeling in Disaster Management
Liu Jiang, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
Jianyong Shi, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

14.15 Change detection monitoring, Normandy Bridges
Richard Hollamby, COWI United Kingdom & Isaac Ferreras Alcover, Denmark

14.40 AI for documentation in large projects
Tuomas Ritola, Selko Technologies Oy, Finland


15.05 Coffee & Exhibition


15.35 Session 3
Session chaired by Henri Pitkänen, Trimble Solutions, Finland

15.35 Open Infra BIM based Autonomous Control of Excavator - towards true AI Process
Rauno Heikkilä, University of Oulu, Finland

16.00 Robotic rebar assembly: Building advanced geometries and reducing steel consumption
Max Trommer, Rebartek, Norway

16.25 Breaking Down Barriers: Demystifying and Growing AI and ML Culture in the AEC industry
Nono Martinez Alonso, Autodesk, Spain
Keith Alfaro, Autodesk, United States

19.00 Dinner at restaurant Meripaviljonki



Day 2 / March 26, 2020


08.00 Registration opens

08.30 Session 4
Session chaired by Risto Kiviluoma, WSP, Finland

08.30 Keynote 3 -  Transforming the construction industry with machine learning, generative design and robotics
Kim Nyberg, Trimble Buildings, Finland

09.00 Keynote 4 - Artificial intelligence in design – the undisputed truth
Janne Liuttu, Ramboll, Finland

09.30 Mathematical optimization as engine for design automation and exploration
Kristo Mela, Tampere University, Finland

09.55 Machine learning for real-time design assessment and process steering in mechanised tunnelling within an integrated numerical and information modelling framework
Christian Koch, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Germany


10.20 Coffee & Exhibition


10.50 Session 5
Session Chaired by Matias Hirvikoski, AINS Group / A-Insinöörit, Finland

10.50 Automated Bridge Design Assisted by AI
Fernando Ferreira, Matereo, Portugal 

11.15 Robustnessoriented topology optimization for steel tubular joints mimicking bamboo structures
Alper Kanyilmaz, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

12.40 Visualize and analyze building data of thousand models at once using Dynamo BIM
Ernesto Pellegrino, La SIA architecture & engineering, Italy
Eleonora Palladino, La SIA architecture & engineering, Italy


12.05 Lunch & Exhibition


13.15 Session 6
Session chaired by Ricardo Farinha, Sweco, Finland

13.15 Literature Review of the Green View Index and its Calculation Method Based on BIM and Realistic Rendering
Jin Yeu Tsou, Center for Housing Innovations, CUHK, Hong Kong,
Chun Hong Chan, Center for Housing Innovations, CUHK, Hong Kong
Yi Zhou, Center for Housing Innovations, CUHK, Hong Kong

13.40 Applying AI to improve thermal comfort in buildings
Samy Clinchard, 720 Degrees Oy, Finland 

14.05 Data in Structural Engineering - The power of data visualization and business intelligence tools
Matias Hirvikoski, AINS Group / A-Insinöörit, Finland
Jussi Junkkarinen, AINS Group / A-Insinöörit, Finland

14.30 Wrap up of the days
Vesa Järvinen, AINS Group / A-Insinöörit, Finland


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