Workshop Helsinki 2017:
Ignorance, uncertainty and human errors in structural engineering

February 15-16, 2017

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Venue and accommodation

Purpose of the workshop

The workshop theme is “Ignorance, Uncertainty and Human Errors in Structural Engineering”. It address varying aspects of making structures safe and functional. All type of structures are covered, but the focus is on structures that can cause notable safety concerns like buildings, bridges, viaducts, tunnels, power plants, dams, harbour structures, stadiums, sport halls, public areas, malls and large urban developments, i.e., structures whose failure may cause the most significant consequences in the terms of fatalities, injuries and economic losses. Aside with traditional safety-concept in structural engineering all other topics that can make the end product to fail are considered. Most relevant topics for the workshop include

  • structural safety
  • robustness of structures and robust based design methods
  • human and organizational errors in design, construction and usage of structures
  • accidental situations on structures
  • collapses and major damages of structures
  • man-made hazards
  • uncertainties and limitations of assessment methods
  • uncertainties and limitations of non-destructive condition evaluation methods
  • risk handling and recovery schemes in hazards and extreme events
  • climate change effects to structures and to natural hazards
  • effects of globalization on structural engineering profession and education.
  • causes of structural failures and incidents with steel structures
  • uncertainties and human errors in the design and execution of steel structures

The purpose of the workshop is to provide a meeting point and discussion forum to any professional interested in the theme. The theme is the continuation of the IABSE Workshops “Safety, Failures and Robustness of Large Structures” Helsinki 2013 (IABSE Reports Vol 100) and ”Safety, Robustness and Condition Assessments of Structures” Helsinki 2015 (IABSE Report Vol. 103). It targets were formulated at the discussions of the IABSE Summit “Global Risks in Structural Engineering” Helsinki-Barcelona 2016.

Keynote speakers are invited as multidisciplinary bases and aim to present the best skills and experience on their field. This gives the participants a possibility to learn new ideas and best practices. The workshop includes open call-for-papers sessions, in which experts will publish their scientific contribution to the theme. The abstracts and papers have been revived by the International Scientific Committee of the Workshop. Accepted papers will be published in the proceedings.

The workshop includes general closing discussions where the stage-of-the art can be reviewed. If urged, the organizers on the behalf of workshop participants, can gather statements or recommendations towards IABSE or openly to national structural engineering associations. These may include recommendation for arranging future events or other modes of collaboration on specific topics.