Welcome to the first and most unique open BIM event in the world. We gather together the best subjects, most visionary people and the industry leaders. 

This event is for all actors of infrastructure life cycle. You do not have to be a BIM enthusiastic to enjoy the event. We want open BIM to be for all. We also share lessons learned not only the success strories.

In previous editions we have received a huge number of proposals from all over the world. Unfortunately we can't accept all of them so please pay attention when writing a proposal. Acceptance is made based on your text and evaluation criteria can be found below!

2023 conference will be organized hybrid. Main focus is in the onsite participation but the main stream and networking possibilities will be offered for the participants participating virtually. For speakers we require participation onsite.



12 September 2022 - EXTENDED UNTIL SEPTEMBER 30 - Proposal submission deadline

24 October 2022 - Notification of Proposals

21 November 2022 - Registration and payment deadline for presenting authors

30 January - 1 February 2023 - infraBIM Open Conference, Tampere, Finland




Proposal submission can be done only via the ExOrdo portal. Maximum length of a proposal is 500 words.
When submitting, you are asked to (all obligatory)

  • choose the most suitable submission category (see below)
  • choose the most suitable theme(s) for your submissions (see below).
  • list all authors involved in the work.
  • name the corresponding and presenting authors
    • corresponding author will receive all the emails from the organizer
    • presenting author(s) should present the topic in the conference
  • provide a photo of the authors
  • provide a bio text of the presenting author, max length 300 words
  • Inform us if the topic has been presented before
  • Describe how does your proposal contribute to Open BIM
  • Describe what makes your case stand out from similar topics

Presentations are accepted based on the abstract text.

Later on, presentation slides will be required to be uploaded into the same database as abstracts, names, images and bios. The database is integrated into an online program that will be used by event participants. 


When writing your proposal please try to answer to the following:

  • What is new and innovative
  • How does your proposal make leaps in advancement of BIM
  • What makes your case stand out from similar topics
  • How Open BIM is shown in the proposal
    • Open BIM view
    • How Open BIM is related to subject



Choose the most suitable submission category

  • Case
  • Education
  • Research
  • Standards and guidelines
  • Technical solutions



Choose the most suitable theme(s) (max. 2) for your proposal.

  • Airports
  • Bridges, tunnels and structures
  • Digital asset management
  • Digital project management
  • Geotechnics
  • Landscaping
  • Ports and Waterways
  • Procurement
  • Railways and tramlines
  • Roads and streets
  • Sustainable development and circular economy
  • Surveying
  • Utilities and distribution networks
  • Urban and area planning
  • Other



Presenting author has to register and pay the registration fee by 21 November 2022. Speaker fee is 279 EUR (including 24 % VAT)



Should you have any questions please contact ville.raasakka[at]ril.fi


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