Opening times

Exhibition is open from Monday January 30, 18.00 until February 1, 16.00.

Get together and all the coffee breaks are organized in the exhibition area.


Exhibition map

Exhibition map is available here.

Partner package includes the space (size depending on partnership status), electricity and table.


Exhibition building partner

InfraBIM Open 2023 official exhibition builder partner is TAIKALYHTY. Taikalyhty offers ready-made booth solutions and other extras for your spot. Taikalyhty will contact all the partners directly. 

Here you can see the options for ready-made booths. 

Please note that the ready-made booth visual examples are made for corner booths. Other than corner booths will have three walls. Please also note the price for three wall booths with branding.

For extras please see: https://taikalyhty.fi/vuokraamo/

Contact Taikalyhty: taikalyhty@taikalyhty.fi

All deadlines for Taikalyhty orders is January 13, 2023.

Please note that if you have your own partner who will build your booth, you must inform Taikalyhty by email.

Catering for your booth

You can order catering for your booth also. Please see the list for stand catering here in English and here in Finnish.

Deadline for orders is January 19 and the contact person is Tiina Rintamäki-Lehtinen, tiina.rintamaki@tampere-talo.fi


Building time on Monday January 30

15.00 Exhibitors' building time starts (If you have ordered your booth from Taikalyhty it will be ready at 15.00)
18.00 Exhibition is ready, registration opens
19.00 Get together at the exhibition area

Dismantling on February 1

16.00-19.00 Dismantling time


Delivering goods to Tampere Hall

You can deliver goods to Tampere Hall earliest on January 27. Detailed information regarding the delivery details will be added here closer to the event.




Advertisement details:

  • Platinum partners: 1/1 page, 148 x 210 mm + bleed 3 mm
  • Gold parters: 1/2 page, 120 x 90 mm, no bleed
  • Silver partners: 1/4 page, 57 x 90 mm, no bleed

Material for printing needed in high-resolution pdf without colour profile. Programme is printed in colour. 

Please send the advertisement via email to manni.jarvinen[at]ril.fi by January 13, 2023.


Platinum partners

Gold partners

Silver partners