ALLPLAN, a global provider of BIM solutions for the AEC industry, has announced the availability of Allplan Bridge 2022. Allplan Bridge is the world's first BIM software that allows bridge engineers to work from the creation of a parametric 4D model to structural analysis, reinforcement design and detailing with a single solution. The new version introduces a new modeling approach to easily and quickly create accurate geometry for precast girder bridges. Other new features include the American AASHTO LRFD9 standard for design and verification, as well as IFC4.3 integration for improved interoperability and optimized BIM workflows.

Ko-Biro, one of the leading engineering consulting firms in the field of bridge design in Slovenia, tested the latest beta version, including the new workflow for precast girder bridges. Aljosa Klobucar, bridge engineer and co-owner of Ko-Biro, is convinced: "The new modeling workflow allows us to generate BIM models and execution details of precast girder bridges in no time. Especially with the use of 3D models and the new type of connection beam element. With this 3D modeling approach, the use of BIM is now applicable to these types of bridges. "

Allplan Bridge 2022 is now available for download: HTTPS://WWW.ALLPLAN.COM/BRIDGE2022

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