BIM Infra, a quality approach according to setec

Better collaborative management, improved communication, better control of quality and risks, optimization of deadlines and costs, optimization of resources and reduction of environmental impacts, preparation for the management and operation of structures... The benefits of BIM Infrastructure are numerous. For a long time, BIM Infrastructure has remained in the shadow of BIM Building, but it is now developing rapidly. The setec group supports you at each phase of your project.

A strong lever to secure costs and deadlines

Designing and building all infrastructure projects digitally allows the business actors of each project to work in a common environment dedicated to the operation. In this environment, they share data in a reliable manner, avoiding duplication and e-mail exchanges. The project becomes immediately understandable when it is integrated into its environment and represented in 3 dimensions.

By facilitating the work of synthesis, whatever the phase of the project, the BIM makes it possible to better anticipate the risks or the defects which, with a traditional design, would have been detected later or discovered on site. This improvement in the quality of the projects carried out represents a gain on the cost of the operation.

The modeling of all the components of the infrastructure makes it possible to make the cost of the operation more reliable, then to optimize it, in particular by analyzing project variants. The modeling also allows us to analyze the stakes of the work schedules, via a 4D phasing model.

The setec commitment

The setec group mobilizes BIM in the most useful way for the project. We are always looking for the best way to meet our clients' expectations, while respecting the timeframe of the project.

The different companies of the group accompany our clients in the different phases of the infrastructure life cycle: programming, design, construction, operation, end of life. Whether it is for project management assistance, traditional project management, diagnostic or expert missions, our first step is to clearly list the benefits that BIM can bring to all stakeholders.

This way, we can guarantee that the BIM strategy implemented will be sized without excess, as accurately as possible. "Our BIM Infrastructures offer at the setec group level is fully structured. It allows us to create connections between teams, to share tools and methods to work even better together. In its broad outline, it embodies the way in which the setec group implements this approach, which is increasingly requested by our clients and our teams, always at the service of projects. This offer is based on the benefits of the BIM approach: improving collaborative management, facilitating communication between the various stakeholders, achieving better control of quality and risks, optimizing costs and deadlines, optimizing resources and reducing environmental impacts, and preparing for the management and operation of structures. At the same time, we have also reactivated a monthly exchange time, open to all, where we discuss techniques and methods applied to BIM Infra. This exchange time allows us to increase the skills of the group's teams so that our clients and their projects can benefit from a state-of-the-art BIM approach," concludes Denis Le Roux, setec als, coordinator of the BIM Infrastructures group offer.

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BIM Infra, a quality approach according to setec

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