All of your construction projects use reality capture data differently. Unfortunately, no existing software can handle every possible use case—and this forces you to adapt your workflow to the software rather than the other way around.

Pointscene’s new API changes the game by enabling construction and engineering companies to develop fully custom data processing pipelines. Now, you can build powerful applications tailored to your unique needs, so you can get the most from your data and improve your project’s financial results.

Build applications to:


Fast, low-risk, and affordable. Use Pointscene’s stringently tested pre-built features for a predictable development process. Finish your application in a few weeks rather than a year.

Scalable and reliable.Rely on API features specified to support very large data sets, eliminating the need for further development when data volume increases.

Extensible.Extend the functionality of any application. EG, use pre-made functions to update a photogrammetry pipeline so it can handle new kinds of data, like point clouds or triangulated surfaces.

Open source, format, and standards. Leverage rock-solid open-source components and libraries. Choose from a broad range of open formats and standards for interoperability and no risk of vendor lock-in.

A lower barrier to entry. Reduce the cost and complexity of in-house development. Make an application that automates your most common and time consuming reality capture data tasks—so you can keep your focus on the project itself.

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