Unparalleled performance with complex GIS, BIM and Infra content with Vektorio

Vektorio specializes in data management and 3D graphics for large-scale infrastructure projects. We have over 10 years of experience and an established place in the industry.

What are the Industry’s challenges?

During large-scale infrastructure projects a great amount of data is created, collected, and stored in various formats and programs. The data management is complex, which causes data underutilization.

These projects also have multitudes of different stakeholders with different requirements and needs. Unfortunately, relevant data is not always available in a format that is easy to access or accessing the data would require using expensive applications. This hinders effective decision making.

A solution ?

Vektor Model Viewer can be used to visualize large-scale infrastructure projects, buildings and city-wide masterplans. Our application provides a unified 3D view over maps, ground surfaces, roads, rails, waterways, bridges, sewers, buildings and any other visual data relevant to the managing of projects. It works on all modern browsers and mobile phones without any extra plugins or software installations, providing performant and easy to use access to the BIM data for all stakeholders.

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