We offer a possibility to organize your own workshops without any special fee. It could be targeted for your interest group and it will be open for all conference participants.

Please send your proposal using the template provided to ville.raasakka[at]ril.fi fi by November 18, 2018

Template can be found here

Guidelines for submitting workshop proposal:

  • Duration of all workshops is 90 min.
  • Ideal workshop has 2 moderators, who introduce speakers and lead prepared discussion.
  • Speakers could provide 2-3 introductions, each about 10 minutes. The rest time is used for discussion and conclusions.
  • Moderators are expected to prepare statements and questions (slides) in order to have fruitful discussion.
  • At the end, the moderators are expected to summarize based on discussion results and consensus.
  • Workshop can be either Scientific or Technical
  • Speakers and participants must pay the symposium fee