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Tuesday May 5, 2020

Congress Day 1 (In English)


8.00 Registration opens


8.30 Opening words


8.35 Keynote

Moderator: Lauri Merikallio, Vison Oy

Kari Kauniskangas
President and CEO, YIT Corporation

9.00 Keynote

Moderator: Lauri Merikallio, Vison Oy


“Transforming organization to lean organization in the field of construction”
Paulo Napolitano
Lean and ILPD Expert, CEO of Allele Network


Paulo has been applying Lean Principles in projects and organizations in North America, Europe, and South America since 1999.  Paulo combines research in innovative areas with practical experience to improve project performance and organization results. Working with different organizations and projects in different cultures allowed him to develop an approach that is customized for every single one of them. 


9.45 Keynote

Moderator: Lauri Merikallio, Vison Oy


"TAKT – a missing link for the future of construction"
Janosch Dlouhy
TAKT expert in construction


Since 2013 Janosch Dlouhy has been in charge of the implementation of Lean Construction, Lean Design and Lean Equipment in the Construction Department of BMW Group. He is also one of the two founders of a software startup

In German Lean Construction Institute (GLCI) he is responsible of the group based in Munich. While working on his doctoral thesis at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) with the topic Taktplanning and Taktcontrol, he was Supervisor of 36 Bachelor's and Master's theses and Mentor of the Reserch Team called "Team Lean“. His doctoral father is Prof. Sehrvin Haghsheno. His Master's thesis set foundations in Taktplanning and Taktcontrol and was honoured with the AGI Price in Aachen.


10.30 Coffee and Exhibition


11.00 Parallel session - Owner's Show the Way - Demanding Change


Lean Case: Life Science Project in Oslo, Norway
Hans Thomas Holm
Project Director, Statsbygg

LEAN Systematic Completion - Functionally 100% at Due Date
Per Roger Johansen
Project Director, Statsbygg


11.00 Parallel session - Lean Leadership - Engaging People


Paulo Napolitano
Lean and ILPD Expert , CEO of Allele Network

Continous Improvement in Action
Jyrki Keinänen
AINS Group


11.00 Parallel session - Lean Leadership - Engaging People


Achieving situational awareness in a mega infrastructure project - Case Länsimetro
Timo Heiskanen 
Diamond Consulting Oy

VDC - Where lean and BIM meets
Ronen Barak

Gunnar Skeie
Kruse Smith Entreprenør AS


12.15 Lunch


13.15 Parallel session - TAKT Panel


Janosch Dlouhy  
Claus Nesensohn, Refine projects
Aleksi Heinonen, Vison Oy
Hans Thomas Holm, Statsbygg


13.15 Parallel session -  Integrating Project Teams to High-performing Teams


How to Build and Sustain a High-performing Team
Jari Salo
PsT, Partner, Juuriharja Oy

13.15 Parallel session - Data-driven D&C 


Deliver on time and budget by using lean planning and live progress reporting
Nicholas Klokholm
Director of Nordic, LetsBuild

John Elsholz
Chief Revenue Officer, WeBuild 

14.30 Break and Exhibition


15.00 Parallel session - Subcontractor Integration & Prefabrication


15.00 Parallel session - Field Driven Lean


15.00 Parallel session - Flow in Design


Flow efficiency for planning and monitoring of industrial projects
Eelon Lappalainen
Manager, Engineering Management, Fimpec Oy
Tatu Kivinen
Design Engineer, CTS Engtec Oy

Claus Nesensohn
Prof., Dr., Refine Projects

16.00 Break

16.15 Keynote


"Modular Thinking - The heart of everything"
Tero Vanhanen
Phenomenon Creator and Renaissance Futurist, Fira Group

16.55 Closing


17.00 - 18.15 Cocktails and Exhibition

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