Wednesday May 5

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Congress sessions include (in English)

  • How to build lean culture & high performing teams
  • Owner's show the way - demanding change
  • Target value delivery - How to achieve success?
  • Situational awareness & digitalization
  • IPDS all around the world
  • Field driven lean
  • Subcontractor integration & prefabrication
  • Q&A - LIPS core group focuses on questions from Finnish Projects


Keynotes of the day


Glenn Ballard, UC Berkeley



Jerker Lessing, BoKlok Housing AB / Adjunct Professor at Stanford University  

"Industrialized Construction – strategies for project, product and process optimization"


Jerker Lessing serves as the Director of Research & Development at BoKlok, Sweden’s leading housing company within industrialized construction, building homes also in Finland, Norway, and the UK. BoKlok is a joint venture between the construction company Skanska and the furniture company IKEA. In this role, he leads the company’s R&D initiatives and collaboration with R&D-partners. Dr. Lessing did his Ph.D. at Lund University in Sweden, but now he also has the role of Adjunct Professor at Stanford University where he is doing research and teaching around industrialized construction as well as organizing the annual conference Industrialized Construction Forum. In his research, he has developed a framework that serves as a theoretical foundation for academic research as well as a guide for companies’ development towards industrialization.



Rafael Sacks, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

"The Implications of Digital Twin Construction for Public Clients"


Rafael Sacks is a Professor of Civil Engineering at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. His research interests focus on the synergies of BIM and Lean Construction, two related areas that are revolutionizing the tools and practices used in Construction, Civil Engineering and Architecture. He is the director of the Technion’s National Building Research Institute, and leads the Virtual Construction Laboratory. Research at the VC Lab includes development of BIM-enabled lean production control systems, BIM technology and innovative approaches to interoperability for BIM, and Digital Twin Construction, with two current major EU H2020 projects, CBIM and BIM2TWIN, with partners in academia and industry across Europe.

Prof. Sacks earned his bachelor’s degree in 1983 from the University of the Witwatersrand, his master’s in 1985 from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and his doctorate in 1998 from the Technion – all in Civil Engineering. He has worked as a structural engineer, CAD software developer, and construction project manager, and as a consultant to major industry and government clients. He joined the Technion as a member of faculty in 2000 and served as Head of Structural Engineering and Construction Management in the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering from 2012-2015.

Prof. Sacks is the author or co-author of 87 papers in international peer-reviewed academic journals, 105 peer-reviewed conference papers, and numerous book chapters and research reports. He is the lead author of the "BIM Handbook", currently in its 3rd edition, and of a book on Lean and BIM implementation in construction, "Building Lean, Building BIM: Changing Construction the Tidhar Way". He has received numerous awards for research and teaching, including the Thomas Fitch Rowland prize of the American Society for Civil Engineering’s Construction Institute, in 2016.