Lean Construction Congress 2022

Are you tired of the usual way of doing things? Bad communication, missing details, uncertain schedules and lots of stress. We know that we need to change but how to do it?

Lean Construction Congress is a three-day event for all doers, leaders and innovators who are not just satisfied with how the things are! If you are either owner, contractor, designer or other service provider, there will be many inspiring topics for you!

Join the compelling workshops on Monday, hear world-class speakers and learn from the latest Finnish hands-on experiences on Tuesday & Wednesday.

In previous years congress has attracted approximately 350 participants from all over the globe and received excellent feedback. However we aren't just settling down as we aim to make the Lean Construction Congress 2022 even better than in previous years - This time seeing each other face-to-face in live event!

Join us as a speaker, participant or partner and you are guaranteed to leave with new ideas and interesting conversations with like-minded people!


Programme structure 2022

Please note that the programme on September 21 is in Finnish Language only!


Jukka Jalonen


Lauri Koskela

Professor, University of Huddersfield

Paulo Napolitano

Lean and ILPD Expert, Senior consultant at Allele Network

Tero Vanhanen

Phenomenon Creator, Fira Group