Two sides of the same coin - the client and the Construction Project Manager

Nick Smith, UK

Nick is the founder of 21C Business Consulting, based in Iznajar, Andalucia, Spain. 21C is a modern project management company, helping organisations to maximise their effectiveness; seize opportunities; achieve objectives; and look after costs. Nick works with entrepreneurs and business leaders to promote projects and concepts that make sound sense, and which can be seen to be socially responsible.

Nick worked in the UK until 2005, and then lived in Oman from 2006 until 2014 where he was CEO of a mega tourism project, The Wave, Muscat for four of those years. Nick’s core discipline is in real estate, and he now acts for a number of organisations as client representative. Nick’s clients are in Oman, London and Argentina. Nick is also an expert witness in his specialist field, and freelance writer. Nick can be contacted at