Lean Construction in Public Sector Conference LIPS 2012

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Conference themes

  • The power of integrated project delivery – what does it take?
  • Requirements for integrated project delivery – how the procurement should be done to get the best team?
  • Lean Construction cultural challenges in projects and services
  • Customer satisfaction and productivity – best practices from Australia, Europe and USA

The aim is to provide infrastructure and hospital owners, as well as the designers and construction firms serving them, a greater understanding of the current research and implementation of lean concepts and tools in the domestic and international public sector projects. Today, renovation and rehabilitation projects are facing increasing challenges that can be approached with relational contracting.

Lean Construction is the application of lean production and lean thinking in the design and construction process. Eliminating waste, creating a steady flow of information and production, maximizing value are the core principles. Lean construction emphasize the importance of reliable and timely delivery and its challenges the generally accepted belief that there is always a trade between time, cost and quality. During day one of the conference these core principles will be presented in the seminar “Introduction to Lean”.

Relational Contracting integrates people, systems, business structures and practices to improve customer orientation and increase productivity. It is a contractual agreement with shared risk and profit to gather all partners and stakeholders in the project at an early stage with the purpose to optimize the project and to level interests. The aim is to collaboratively and concurrently harness the talents and insights of all participants to deliver more value with less waste through all phases of design, procurement, fabrication, construction and commissioning.