Nordic IABSE Summit 2014

Engineering and Beyond

9.-10.4.2014, Helsinki- Tallinn  

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Introduction and welcome

Nordic IABSE Summit “Engineering and Beyond” is a new type of event, which copes to locate itself between scientific conferences and practitioners training courses. As the wording summit requests, event’s program consists of keynote presentations of invited recognized professionals, panel discussions of representatives
from various countries and interaction of all participants. Scientific papers are not requested by the presenters, but yet the presentations and discussions are targeted to base on the solid background of engineering science; being critical, uncommercial and going straight into the core of matter.

Structural engineering is today facing many changes that are related to globalization, changes in working environment, computer modelling and harmonisation of the standards. Do structural engineers have in the future the professional skills, resources and appreciation that are needed to realise structures, from
ordinary to engineering masterpieces, that fulfil the needs of the society? Do they have time, and does their employer support lifetime long professional training of professional skills? Will structural engineering be only routine computer modelling in the future, which is get where cheapest available? Structural engineering organisations, like IABSE worldwide and RIL in Finland, are dealing this kind of questions when renewing their strategy. Professionals working in projects have less time to put on training and working in societies. When they leave their workplace for training of networking, they should be served the
best. For example, participating annual meetings of engineering organisations attract only a few young engineers. More significance and benefit should be gained.

In addition to above questions, Nordic IABSE Summit plan to be versatile forum to bring out any emerging topics in structural engineering. No matter if the questions are eternal or one week old, answers could be sought and declarations given. The Nordic countries share the same geographical location and structural engineering traditions. They have similarities in society and economies too. This hopefully gives not only quick access to the Summit but also effective understanding and answer seeking to the issues raised.

We heartily welcome you to join the Nordic IABSE Summit!