Conference themes

The Conference topics are grouped into six principal themes:

1) Sustainability Assessment
of Buildings and Cities Environmental, economic and social assessment emphasizing

• the use of Building Information Models – buildingSMART
• assessment methods and tools towards LCA based Carbon Footprint calculation
• indicators and rating tools
• case studies

2) Managing Life Cycle Performance
The focus is at facilities including immediate neighbourhood with the following priority areas

• indoor environment
• usability, adaptability, accessibility, safety and security
• positive stimulation and value creation
• benchmarking systems and schemes

3) Sustainable Processes
Life cycle processes in the built environment covering

• sustainable renovation/retrofit/ refurbishment
• sustainable business models, risk management
• process models, new tasks and actor roles, integrated methods and tools
• incentives, barriers; process innovation, systemic innovation

4) Sustainable Solutions
Products, services and product-services on

• passive houses, zero energy and energy positive buildings
• exergy optimisation on different scale and scope
• low energy solutions and the use of renewables; optimal match of energy demand and production
• components, systems and infra; product and service innovation

5) Well-Being
Quality of life aspects related with

• sustainable lifestyles
• sustainable architecture
• user behaviour and social innovation
• future trends and prospects

6) Urban Planning
Planning Location, mobility, traffic and guidance on

Sustainable cities and towns, land use, traffic,
infrastructure systems
•  new tools: collaborative planning, public participation, e/m-governance, soft GIS
•  urban-nature interaction, urban metabolism; densities and polynuclearity; functional segregation, mixed land use; technical and social infrastructure
• accessibility, mobility and car dependence; public transport systems; traffic calming;
emissions and noise reduction
• education, legislation