Arto Kiviniemi

Arto Kiviniemi, Salford: BIM in Evaluation and Management of Sustainability

Wednesday 22nd September at 16.00

Arto Kiviniemi MSc.Arch(Hons), PhD
Professor of Digital Architectural Design
School of Built Environment
The University of Salford

Arto Kiviniemi has 13 years experience in R&D of Information and Communication Technology for built environment after his career of 24 years as a designing architect in which he won 12 first and several other prices in architectural competitions as the main assistant of Arto Sipinen. In 1996-2008 he worked at VTT in Finland as a Senior Research Scientist (1996-1999), Chief Research Scientist (1999-2006) and the Research Professor for ICT in Built Environment and Research Coordinator for ICT and Processes in Built Environment (2006-2008). 2008-2010 Arto Kiviniemi led the BIM development and implementation in Finland’s largest building services engineering company Olof Granlund.

1997-2002 Arto Kiviniemi led the Finnish national technology programme “VERA” with a total budget of € 47 million. The program established Finland’s position as one of the leading countries in utilizing integrated BIM in Real Estate and Construction industry. In this period Arto Kiviniemi established a leading role in the global development and deployment of the integrated Building Information Modelling concept. Arto Kiviniemi has been in an active and influential role also in the international BIM development and standardization, especially in IAI/buildingSMART; 1st Chairman of the International Council and Executive Committee 1998-2000, Deputy Chairman 2000-2002, Chairman of the International Technical Management Committee 2005-2007, and member of Technical Advisory Committee since 2005.

Arto Kiviniemi has also been the Chairman of the Steering Group of Salford Centre for Research and Innovation (SCRI) 2002-2009, a member of Industry Advisory Board and Technical Advisory Committee of CIFE 1999-2005, and a member of the Scientific Committee of the project at Harvard University 2001-2004. In addition he has been a member of 22 Scientific Committees, and had 26 keynote and 48 invited presentations in international Conferences since 1996.

Arto Kiviniemi holds a M.S. degree in Architecture with honours from Helsinki University of Technology (1982) and a Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Stanford University (2005). He has been awarded with FIATECH’s CETI (Celebration of Engineering & Technology Innovation) 2008 Outstanding Researcher Award for his international role in the development and implementation of integrated BIM, Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries’ Grant for Ph.D. studies 2002, UICB Building Information Award with Hannu Penttilä 1996, Medal of Merit from Association of Finnish Architects SAFA 1990, and Väinö Vähäkallio Foundation Award 1984.