Björn Malbert

Björn Malbert, Chalmers Insights, Visions and Actions towards Urban Innovations

Wednesday 22nd September at 10.15

Björn Malbert is since 2001 professor in Design for Sustainable Urban Development at Chalmers Architecture in Gothenburg, Sweden. He has a long-term background as urban planning consultant where his work was directed at comprehensive and detailed physical planning practice and related research and development work mainly for the Swedish Council for Building Research. At Chalmers Architecture the research is directed at planning theory and methodology within the theme Sustainable Urban Development supported by knowledge development in close co-operation between research and practice. The studies concern cities in industrialised as well as developing countries. A personal interest concerns the roles and tools of professionals in participative planning processes for communication, mutual learning and decision support. He was one of the core members of the Gothenburg team for the successful application to the Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research (Mistra) concerning the establishment of the Mistra Urban Futures, a centre for the co-production of excellent and relevant knowledge in support to sustainable urban development.