RIL Finnish Association of Civil Engineers is an organisation for civil engineers with Master of Science degree and university students of civil engineering. RIL, founded in 1934, supports the development of building, urban planning and environmental technology, and acts to preserve solid and sustainable building and maintenance traditions. RILalso supervises the benefits of its members and promotes their professional skills and welfare. RIL unites the most highly educated professionals in civil engineering to form a versatile network. RIL is an association with high influence on development of society.


VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is an impartial contract research organisation of close to 3000 experts. VTT produces research and innovation services that enhance the international competitiveness of companies, society and other customers and thereby creates the prerequisites for society’s sustainable development, employment and wellbeing. In the area of ICT and processes in the built environment VTT has expertise in topics such as integrated information models, data transfer standards, open interoperability, and knowledge and risk management, as well as production and business processes.

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