8th Nordic Passive House Conference
Adaptive and interactive buildings and districts

27-29 September 2017, Helsinki

Country reports

Thursday 28th September at 15.00

A specific workshop will present the country-specific situations of energy-efficient buildings in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark by representatives from each country. The workshop will also include a panel discussion where a possible new name for the Nordic Passive House conference series will be discussed.

Country-specific presentations

15:00 Sweden: New FEBY 20 criteria replacing FEBY 12 Swedish Passivehouse criteria
Hans Eek, Passivhuscentrum Västra Götaland

15:15 Finland: Finnish Roadmap for Low-Carbon construction
Yrsa Cronhjort, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd.

15:30 Norway: State-of-the-art of energy efficient buildings in Norway
Inger Andresen and Guri Krigsvoll, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

15:45 Denmark: Low energy buildings in Denmark – State, experiences and trends
Ruut Peuhkuri, Aalborg University

16:00 Panel discussion / all presenters

16:30 Closing remarks / Riikka Holopainen

16:50 End of the session