It was an amazing weekend! The award ceremony can be watched below. 


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Welcome to unique open infra hackathon #Solution2021


Construction productivity has been low for a long time compering to other industry. At the same time it is in the middle of a dozen demands: environmental efficiency, the cost efficiency and the more demanding end-user requirements.

To tackle these challenges we have to find out new ways to do things. Today technology and a new way of collaboration offers a great opportunity for this. We need new ideas, innovations and solutions outside of the construction business to solve these challenges. Potential is huge for all of us.

Participants have 40 hours time to solve challenges of infrastructure construction.


Fast track to success. #Solution2021 combines global hackers, startups and companies and creates unique innovative solutions.


Leading industries and public sector organizations present their challenges to hack. Kick off your project and continue to the 40-hour hackathon event. Or follow the hacking and see the unique results as a partner.


We invite you to test your limits - Join an intensive coding marathon or jump into unknown as you take a chance at developing your dream project.


Annina Peisa, Co-Organizer of #Solution2021

Vison Oy

"We have to find out new ways to do things and improve low productivity in infrastructure construction business. Technology is there for us, we just have to use it."

Pekka Petäjäniemi, Division Director

Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency

”The infrastructures have long life span, we need high quality solutions which are easy to maintenance. New innovations are need both in processes and in materials.”

Don Ward, CEO

CIB - International Council For Research And Innovation In Building And Construction

“The slow productivity improvement and carbon reduction are some of several measures in which the construction sector lags others. We need to change and adopt new innovations.”