Challenge 1 - How to secure a good travel experience on public transport


Description of the challenge


There are various apps that provide routing information, most ubiquitous probably Google Maps. However, the information in these applications is usually limited to routes to stops and which line to where and where to change.

The idea is to tap on to challenge participants' own experiences and knowledge about how people plan their journeys and how they follow progress en route. Are there preferences that should be possible to include in the route search criteria? Is there additional guidance that would help to navigate the route? Is it possible to find a route with less congestion?

The participants are challenged to find new exciting ways to help us all in our daily public transport navigation and finding the way to travel that is most convenient for each one individually.

There is real-time public transport information and route data available that can be used as the basis for route planning.



Heikki Viika


Video regarding the challenge