Challenge 2 - How to exchange sustainability-related information.


Description of the challenge:


How to exchange sustainability-related information between the construction site and LCA calculation:

Owners are taking action to tackle the global climate crisis. Part of this global challenge is how to exchange information between LCA calculation and site operations. LCA tracked resources could be construction materials, energy consumed by heavy machinery, and transport logistics.


Visa Hokkanen, Infrakit Group
I work as a VP of Product within Infrakit Group Oy. I am responsible for example about communication between customer requirements and R&D. My background is in software engineering and I have spent my whole career working with automation and infra digitalization. Also standardization, reesarch and business development is a big part of my work.


Janne Paitsola, Infrakit Group
I work as a General Manager Finland within Infrakit Group Oy. I am responsible for our sales in Finland. Big part of my work is to find out customer needs and communicate those internally. Sustainability is a rapidly growing theme within our customers. Previously I have worked with technical sales of Trimble machine control, surveying and softwares in different positions


Tanja Kolli, Oulu University
I work as a Researcher at the university of Oulu. I m involved in many projects with topics like infrastructure & BIM and developing education. My educational background is in chemistry and environmental science, where my focus was in reducing vehicle emissions using catalyst materials.