List of Challenges in #Solution2020

2021 challanges will be updated here later on!


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Challenge 1 - Last call for climate! Designing carbon neutral infra solutions
How to minimize carbon footprint or compare impacts of different infra design solutions.

Challenge 2 - There is huge amount of data available. How to find the crucial data which can help us during project?

Challenge 3 Access control and situation awareness at infra worksite

Challenge 4 - Novel methods for site management based on collaboration and open data 

Challenge 5 - Smooth urban travel experience:
How to connect the user feedback to the technical information in real time

Challenge 6 - Minimizing the disturbance of infra work sites in city environments 

Challenge 7 - Possibilities for inventing new international business opportunities in Railway sector, enabled by developing international open data standards (BIM)


Challenge 8 - Obtain preliminary 3D models from a basic IFC alignment and by merging available open data sources


Challenge 9 - Integration of BIM (Building Information Model) model for Asset Management

Challenge 10 - Interactive Diagrams



Data Sources for teams


AEC Hacker resources


Open data for Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency


Helsinki region infoshare


Train and traffic


Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency 3D-rail track object library:


Open maps