Challenge 3 - Access control and situation awareness at infra worksite


Description of the challenge

Safety is priority number one in infrastructure sites. To ensure everyone’s safety on large sites, it is crucial to gain real-time awareness of all persons on site. Real time locations of the machines are already known but the machine operators are in “silos” and lacking needed information. 

Part a) How to detect authorized and unauthorized people on large site in the middle of forest without safety gates and electricity? How to alarm authorized personnel of detected unauthorized people on construction site? 
Authorized personnel: 

  • Construction workers of various kind 
  • Construction machinery operators 
  • Truck drivers, dumper for onsite mass haul  
  • External material suppliers (truck drivers) 

Unauthorized personnel may include cyclists, joggers, hunters and various recreational people. 

Part b) How to improve real-time situational awareness of machine operators?  

For safety: Separately identified high risk zones.  
For efficiency and situational awareness: Digital work orders, site overview 




Janne Pekkarinen
Corporate Safety Manager


Janne Paitsola
General Manager Finland
Infrakit Group


Visa Hokkanen
VP of Product
Infrakit Group