Challenge 9 - Integration of BIM (Building Information Model) model for Asset Management


Description of the challenge

The challenge is to integrate any BIM modeling software for backend information management system via existing API interfaces. There is a need to 

  • create a valid identification system based on unique IDs like “R1-SA-001” 
  • find a solution to following use cases by creating piece of source code for 
  • picking an object from the BIM model and getting the information via API. Information can be metadata (attributes), documents or photos. 
  • adding an object for the BIM model and adding also initiative representation (a row with ID) for information management system 
  • creating a thematic representation of BIM model based on operational data like failures, construction or operation status etc. 


Jukka Kivelä, Point Group
Petri Louhi, Point Group
Timo Ruoho, Point Group
Valtteri Brotherus, WSP

Video regarding the challenge