Registration will open on June

You can join our mailing list here in the meanwhile

Information regarding registration:

  • Registration is free and it is open for everyone
  • You can register as an individual who is looking for a team or
  • You can register a team
  • You should answer which challenge you intend to solve (challenges will be updated in the website)
  • A short description of the solution is asked if you are registering a team
  • There is no prequalification round for the teams so all the teams will be welcomed to join the 40 hour challenge
  • Deadline for registration will be October 15
  • Meeting for participants who are looking for a team and for teams who are looking for more members will be organized on Monday November 1 at 16.00 EET


Event schedule will be updated in the website closer to the date!



Prize money:

Total amount of 7000 EUR is reserved for the prize money. #Solution 2021 Jury will decide how to prize money will be shared.

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