Submit your proposal by January 15, 2020


This seminar is all about top Finnish research in the fields of transport infrastructure and transportation. The main goal is to present relevant research results for the actors in the transport sector, as well as for funders, decision- and policy-makers and interested stakeholders.

Another important aim is to provide researchers with an opportunity to network. The TRA2020 side events status brings a wider international audience to the seminar. 

This Call for Papers is targeted to PhD level and post-doc research related to transport infrastructure, transportation, and users (Basic/Applied research). The seminar is held in English and the ideal length for the presentation is 20 minutes.
The proposal should include the following:

  • Subject and aim of the research described with a few sentences
  • Name of the researcher or research group members
  • Where paper/research is refereed (if refereed)
  • Funders of research 
  • Links to wider research entity, e.g. programme (if included)
  • Willingness to present the research in the poster session
  • Earlier presentations of the research 

Please notice that we accept also proposals that have been presented before.