Your solution, service or product and empirical findings and case studies or reports of good practices are as interesting as scientific conclusions and outcome, emerging methods and tools.

You may suggest your own theme on digitalization that enables new ways of creating, producing, consuming, using, educating, learning, caring, moving, or living in smart built environment and related disciplines - or select words, phrases or self-tailored combinations from the list below:


  • Digital Transformation, Digital Economy, Ecosystem Building, Open Innovation, Collaborative Economy, Servitisation, Private Service Public Partnerships (PSPP)
  • Data Economy, Open Data, Linked Data, Data Management, MyData, Knowledge Management, Building and Infrastructure Ontologies
  • Platformization, Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining (Big Data, IoT)
  • Dataflows and Operational and Business Models between Stakeholders (Government, Citizens, Businesses, Academia, Third Sector...)
  • Human-Computer Interaction, User-Centric Design, User Experience Design, Usability Engineering, User Experience Evaluation, Design-for-all or Technology-for-all, Individual Empowerment
  • Country and Regional Reports on Information Society Development – The Big Picture, Smart Specialisation in Digitalisation
  • Smart City, Intelligent Buildings and Transport, Smart Housing, Independent Living for Elderly and Disabled, Digital Public or Social Services (eHealth or mHealth), Workplace for Knowledge Work, Smart Office
  • Smart Grid, Energy Efficient Building, Smart Energy Labelling, Total Building Performance, Smart Indoor Environment
  • Adaptability and Active Structures, 3D Printing, Robotics, CAD/CAM, Smart Building Site
  • Integrated Digital Systems over the Entire Building Life-Cycle, BIM, Integrated Facilities Management
  • Cyber Physic Systems, Platforms in Factories of Future, Wearable Technology and Smart Textiles
  • Blockchain and Digital Asset Management in Real Estate, FinTech, eBanking, eCommerce, Smart Surveillance, Emotional Design