Educational activities

Finnish Association of Civil Engineers, RIL, arranges further education directed to the professionals in the business of civil engineering. RIL also arranges international symposiums and conferences in Finland. The annual conference (Rakennusinsinööripäivät) for civil engineers, which is arranged by RIL every autumn, is a highlight for many civil engineers in the business. The event gathers a large amount of the professionals and policy-makers in the business to listen to and talk about the latest in the trade of engineering.

RIL organizes education in the following fields: -business of concrete engineering, wood construction, production managing in the business of civil engineering, qualification of construction supervisors and managers as well as condition inspectors in the housing trade.

Co-operation with others in the engineering business

In addition to its own educational activities RIL is engaged in wide educational co-operation. Traditionally further education has been organized in co-operation with other organisations and societys in the construction business, as with SAFA (The Finnish Association of Architects), RIA (The Association of Finnish Construction Engineers and Architects) and especially RKL (Finnish construction managers and engineers RKL).

Qualifying education

Central organizations in the construction business have developed a system to establish the quality of designers, which primary objective is to help construction control. With its partners RIL organizes qualifying education for both concrete and wood construction designers and management.

Finnish Association of Civil Engineers RIL and Finnish Construction Managers and Engineers RKL with their partners offer an individual educational program for nearly every level of qualification needed.

Tailored training programmes

We arrange tailored training programmes for your business, either from existing programmes or according to your needs for a specific target group.

For more information and offer requests, please contact: Teemu Vehmaskoski, e-mail: Tel. +358 50 352 6878