RIL has around 6,000 members. Over 60 % of the total number of people who have a MSc degree in civil engineering belong to the association. Nearly 100 % of civil engineering students are enrolled as junior members of RIL. The Society of Heating Engineers, LIVI, is also a member of RIL.


RIL's members act in different technical groups:

  • Building construction
  • Building development and project management
  • Property ownership and maintenance
  • Foundation, earth and rock construction
  • Bridges and special structures
  • Routes, traffic and logistics
  • Hydraulic engineering

RIL's technical groups each deal with the problems that arise in their particular branch of building. They prepare RIL's statements and their initiatives serve to develop the building branch. Divisions also deal with the needs of publications and education.

RIL has over fifty committees. They handle

  • technical matters
  • quality control for certain areas of building
  • materials
  • the society's internal activities
  • co-operation with other societies, ministries etc.
  • post-graduate education
  • standards and codes of practice which RIL publishes

In co-operation with associations of technicians and BSc civil engineers, RIL grants authorisation to individuals who have passed building and construction examinations. Competence certification is granted to individuals, such as, for example the following:

  • project managers
  • supervisors
  • designers (concrete, steel etc.)

RIL has drawn up a special code of honour for members concerning the ethical aspects in civil engineering practice.