Zero! validates nearly zero renovation concepts

The Student Idea and Design Competition ZERO! activates multidisciplinary student teams to recognize, develop and conceptualize renovation solutions for the 2020s. Submitted ideas will be assessed against sustainability (social, economic and environmental) criteria and executability, life-cycle and innovation value.

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The competition is intended for multidisciplinary teams of students from Aalto University and Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. The competition is organized through three relevant existing courses: Creative Sustainability, Sustainable Global Technologies and International Design Business Management in Aalto; plus Multidisciplinary Innovation and Rakennusarkkitehtuurin kurssi in Metropolia. University students with a minimum of two years of completed studies are eligible to participate.


The main mission for competition proposals is to find innovative and sustainable solutions for design, implementation and life cycle of an existing apartment building to be renovated. The existing apartment building will be presented by a Finnish institutional housing owner. However, in order to underline owner-inhabitants’ perspective, the competition mission will assume the ownership to a limited liability housing company (LLHC).

The mission of the student teams is to present their ideas as

  • a technical project plan,
  • a business plan, and
  • a marketing and communications plan.

The core contents of the proposal are then summarized into an A0-sized poster. All three parts are obligatory, and the solutions presented should make sense not only individually but also as a whole. Integrated solutions with tangible benefits for inhabitants will be appreciated.


The teams work for the spring 2016:

Registration deadline 20 January 2016
Site visit Hakapaavo/Hyvinkää 22 January 2016
Intensive training period January – April 2016
Submission of first drafts to university March 2016
Submission of proposals deadline 30 April 2016
Presentations of proposals by all teams 3 May 2016
Winners announced May 2016

Similar student competitions are held simultaneously also in three other European contries. All European winners will meet at SBE16 Build Green and Renovate Deep Conference workshop in Tallinn on 5-7 October 2016.


Contact person at RIL:
Vice President, Products and Services Teemu Vehmaskoski, teemu.vehmaskoski (at), tel. +358 50 352 6878