Kansainvälisen liikenneaiheinen kesäkoulu, TKK järjestää

The Helsinki Summer School on Transportation 2008 offers an intensive educational program to update professional skills of transportation specialists on state-wide transport network administration and management, financing, technology and operation. Timely issues of great importance to all major modes of inter-city transport are included in the program such as: change management, organization restructuring, financial management, pricing, financing, privatization, de-regulation, the externalities (climate change, accidents) and the execution of sound processes for transport network management, operation, and global logistics.

The program is delivered by experts with international reputation. The courses are complemented by study tours and lectures in a modern traffic management center, a PPP motorway construction site, and the Helsinki-Vantaa airport - all top-notch award-winning facilities.

Location: Helsinki University of Technology, Espoo, Finland
Date: June 2 – June 7, 2008
Tuition: 350 Euro; daily rates also available

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