Aspects for High-rise buildings

to syysk. 06 12:46:00 2018

What are the best examples of high-rise buildings in Denmark and globally?

Currently Ramboll is working on the Bestseller tower, which will be the tallest in Northern Europe when completed. With it’s simple yet strong appearance I find it very appealing.

Globally, I find the Capital Gate project in Abu Dhabi, UAE quite interesting with it’s leaning shape (most leaning in the world). The Architect and Engineer really had to collaborate closely.

Finally, Burj Khalifa (UAE), Shanhai Tower (CHN) and 432 Park Avenue Tower (US) easily impresses.

What are the latest trends in high-rise building?

The last years we have seen a trend of incorporating prefab solutions into High Risess, e.g. prefabricated concrete and MEP Shafts. We are used to this in the Nordics, so I believe there is a lot of potential. For that reason Ramboll is hosting a seminar on the topic at the annual CTBUH conference in Dubai.

Also, the global trend shows landmarks and slender towers becomes more popular – and with this various damping solutions.

How much construction of tall buildings is estimated to grow in the next decade? 

The Danish market has been booming for a few years, and we see the same trend in parts of Asia, US and AUS. There are some great statistics on

Frank Schwartz
Director for High Rise, Ramboll Denmark
Keynote speaker, Korkea rakentaminen 2018

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