Tallinn Wood Architecture Conference


Tallinn Wood Architecture Conference
“Wood – nature’s key to a better living environment”
25-26 November 2015
Nordea Concert Hall

For the ninth consecutive year, the wood architecture conference in Tallinn brings together top architects and engineers from around the world who have stood out with innovative use of wood in their work. Wood is a sustainable, lightweight, strong and easily manufacturable material, while being a very traditional construction material, it can also be addressed as one of the most innovative construction materials given to us by nature. Using wood is a challenge to both architects and engineers. The conference seeks answers to such important topics as accoustics and fire safety in timber buildings, use of long span wooden structures, CLT solutions and wooden facades, etc. The topics will be presented by Gregory Kingsley from KL&A Stuctures, Peter McCurdy, Olavi Koponen, Christoph Dünser, and many others.

The event is organised by
The Estonian Forest and Wood Industries Association
in cooperation with the The Union of Estonian Architects and The Estonian Association of Civil Engineers

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