Salla (Palos) Eckhardt
Innovation leader, Industry change agent

“Digital Building Lifecycle – Taking the Long View”

I identify myself as an innovation leader and an industry change agent specialized in the digital building lifecycle. My strategy is to unify a clear vision around the Digital Building Lifecycle framework: consolidating the physical, social, and digital environments as a data centric entity, and empowering the end-user experiences with emerging technologies. I have built my competence to achieve goals for real estate and security vision by becoming the strategist and the developer of solutions. As my foundation, I have a Master of Science degree in Architecture with 20 years of practical experience in working in the full spectrum on the built environment industry, collaborating with senior management teams in the academia and in the industry.


Alexandre Vallières, M.Sc., MBA
Director, Applied AI
Bentley Systems

"The AI-powered digital twin"

Holder of a Master’s degree in physics and a MBA, Alexandre Vallières cumulates more than 17 years of experience in project management and systems engineering. He has participated in the development and commercialization of numerous high-tech products.

In 2011, Alexandre co-founded AIworx, an AI-service company. His expertise and creativity were integrated in the team effort to generate novel and ground-breaking artificial intelligence solutions for the industrial and defence markets. In early 2019, AIworx joined the Bentley Systems family. As applied-AI director, Alexandre and his team now contribute to the adoption of artificial intelligence in the infrastructure industry. Particularly, they propel smart city initiatives and develop digital twins technologies.

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