InfraBIM Open was founded by buildingSMART Finland infrastructure domain in 2017, the first event was held in Tampere, Finland in January 2018. The aim of IBO is to be the best infrastructure openBIM conference in the world



  • Making leaps in advancement of openBIM
  • Lessons learned, not only success stories


We strengthen international cooperation by expanding the event family, and events support each other towards success.

The brand is managed by Building Information Model Ltd. (Rakennustietomalli Oy), the company that operates buildingSMART Finland


InfraBIM Open Atmosphere

  • IBO takes pride in the atmosphere it creates and high-quality programme.
  • Every event includes a feedback survey from attendees and learning outcomes how to make next event even better.
  • Our motto: People are excited both before and after the event
  • Open BIM for all! You do not have to be a BIM enthusiastic to enjoy the event.


InfraBIM Open Event Family

  • infraBIM Open is the main BIM conference for infrastructure conducted every year. It is a 2.5-day international event with 3 tracks and potentially 500 participants
  • IBO Dive is a BIM event with a limited topic for infrastructure conducted every year. It is a 1-1.5-day event with 1-2 tracks and potentially 150-250 participants. It can be aimed more for the national level.
  • IBO Community eventually IBO and IBO Dive could be supplemented by online events (2-3 hours) hosted by different countries to share their practices and discuss topics important for them


IBO Main event

  • 2.5-day conference, Monday to Wednesday in late January or early February
  • Organised every other year in Finland (odd years) and every other abroad (even years)
  • 3 tracks of presentations and potentially 500 participants, partner packages
  • International focus on participants and programme
  • Organised by an international programme committee


IBO Dive

  • Smaller, 1-1.5-day conference with specific infrastructure related topic
  • Aimed for national/regional level and limited market and scope that’s adjusted to the BIM maturity of the market
  • Small exhibition for partners is possible, 2 tracks of presentations and potentially 150-250 participants
  • Principal aim is to co-operate between the events and support the success of each other
  • Local programme committee including brand representative
  • Brand representative is closely involved and giving guidance for new organiser


How to become an IBO event organiser?

  1. Contact brand manager to express your interest to become an IBO event organiser
    • We will organise a preliminary discussion, be prepared with a vision: where, when, goals, who are organising and potential partners
  2. Plan and execute financially successful IBO Dive event

    • All events operate on the base of a contract between the brand operator and organinsing parties

    • Representative of IBO brand will participate in organisation

  3. After a successful IBO Dive event, you are a prime candidate to host the main event

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