Connected machines: let SITECH guide you

New generations of machine guidance systems are enabling construction contractors to achieve significant productivity gains. Machine operators work faster, more accurately and autonomously thanks to permanent access to the 3D project in the cab and the automation of machine movements during the finishing phases.

At the same time, the use of remote site management platforms allows for real-time exchange of project data between the office and the site. On the construction site, all the operators work with an updated version of the project and in the office, the 3D project is automatically updated with the survey data sent from the machines. Thus, all the actors of the project have a very fine follow-up of the tasks carried out by each machine, optimizing the follow-up of the progress of the building site.

Thanks to these connected solutions, the machines consume less fuel and use materials more efficiently. As for surveyors, they limit their travels on site thanks to remote data synchronization. Thus, the environmental impact of the sites is reduced due to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

In parallel to the use of these technologies, production monitoring allows to define the most efficient methods and levels for a given site. Wasted time and unnecessary tasks will be detected, methods can be improved and the number of machines can be adjusted to produce more in less time. This also significantly reduces the carbon footprint.  

SITECH France connects and robotizes construction sites through guidance systems and remote project monitoring platforms and Arkance Optimum supports construction contractors in deploying on-site production optimization solutions - to make construction sites greener.

SITECH France and Arkance Optimum are members of the Arkance Group, which develops solutions for exchanging information between all the players in a project (office and worksite) by converging all the data of an infrastructure project into a single openBIM model. Code SpIBO21 for -20% on the presential tickets to meet us in the exhibition area at InfraBIM Open Lyon 10-12 January 2022, digital tickets available too. Registration.

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