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Program outline

Monday January 14

19.00 - 21.00 Get together


Tuesday January 15

10.00 Opening Session

Chaired by: Tarmo Savolainen (buildingSMART Nordic)

10.00 Welcome from the Organizing Committee
Tarmo Savolainen (Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency)

10.05 Opening words
Director-General Kari Wihlman (Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency)

10.30 EU BIM Task Group – the public clients BIM push
Ingemar Lewen (The Swedish Transport Administration)


11.00 Country Reports Session

Chaired by: Tarmo Savolainen (buildingSMART Nordic)

11:00 Road Map of Digital Design and Construction of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure - a Use Case Driven Approach
Thomas Liebich (BIM4INFRA Consortium)

11:20 Banedanmark and the Danish Road Directorate collaborate on the digital transformation of the Danish infrastructure industry
Gita Mohshizadeh (Banedanmark), Anna Rosenkrantz (Banedanmark)

11:40 Country Report UK
Philip Jackson (Intra-TeamIT Consultants Ltd)


12.15 Lunch, Exhibition and Networking


13.30 Parallel Sessions

Asset Management 1

Chaired by: Tiina Perttula (Ramboll Finland Oy)

13:30 Combining existing asset data in railway infrastructure with BIM and geospatial data
Chi Zhang (applitec GmbH / Ghent University)

14:00 The EUROTL: Asset information management for European Roads using Semantic Web and Linked data
Jan Erik Hoel (Trimble Solutions Sandvika)

14:30 Digital use cases for bridge facility management
Inka Lappalainen (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd)


Planning and Design 1

Chaired by: Tomi Henttinen (buildingSMART Finland /Gravicon Oy)

13:30 Jokeri Light Rail - Information Management in Alliance Model
Liisa Kemppainen (Sito) , Juuso Kuusinen (YIT)

14:00 Utilization of BIM in design and construction - Blominmäki wastewater treatment facility
Lari Metsäpelto (YIT Infra Oy) , Tommi Lius (Pöyry Finland Oy)

14:30 BIM in development of large multi-project areas
Heidi Piiroinen (City of Helsinki) , Jarkko Räsänen (FCG Desing and Engineering Ltd)


Research 1

Chaired by: Rauno Heikkilä (University of Oulu)

13:30 Importance of geological and geotechnical models in InfraBIM – Case studies in engineering projects
Rie Kudoh (OYO corporation)

14:00 Enhancing motivation and skills development in building information modelling for infrastructure topics by using active learning methods
Raido Puust (Tallinn University of Technology / MAGNET Systems Finland)

14:30 Visualisation of risk information in BIM to support risk mitigation and communication: case studies and a framework
Oliver Heinonen (Ramboll Finland Oy)


Challenger 1

Chaired by: Erkki Mäkinen (Trimble)

13:30 Real Value of Connected Construction
Erkki Mäkinen (Trimble) , Tuomas Hörkkö (Point Group Oy)

13:55 Information Flow in Infra Construction Project
Heikki Halttula (MAGNET Systems Finland)

14:20 Machine control designed for open infraBIM
Teemu Virtanen (Novatron Oy)


15.00 Coffee, Exhibition and Networking // Sponsored by MAGNET Systems Finland


15.45 Parallel Sessions

Asset Management 2

Chaired by: Ingemar Lewen (The Swedish Transport Administration)

15:45 InfraBIM as-built Model of the Tallinn Airport Airside Area Development Project
Jüri Pärtna (Reaalprojekt OÜ) , Risto Vahenurm (BIMConsult OÜ)

16:15 Digitalisation for waterway infrastructures – first steps and first experiences
Joerg Boedefeld (Federal Waterways Engineering and Research Institute)

16:45 BIG in Sweden - CoClass for Asset Management
Mikael Malmkvist (Swedish Building Services) , Mikael Törnkvist (The Swedish Transport Administration)

17:15 EDISON - Bridge Inspection using UAVs and Artificial Intelligence
Peter Furtner (VCE)


Construction 1

Chaired by: Jim Plume (buildingSMART Australasia)

15:45 InfraBIM workflow on site at Norway and Finland - Success stories and differences between two Nordics
Petteri Palviainen (Novatron Oy), Trond Huus (Vassbakk & Stol)

16:15 The new Metro » Nacka, Södermalm and southern suburbs
Conrad Malmstedt Ledin (Sweco Civil AB)

16:45 Tampere Deck and Arena – construction project over railways – providing the right information to make the right decisions
Aki Kopra (Kreate Oy) , Eero Särkkä (Ramboll Finland Oy)

17:15 Case VALTARI – Alliance to Deliver New Road in Lahti Region with Tight Collaboration
Kyosti Kanerva (Pöyry Finland) , Heikki Lehkonen (Skanska Infra)


Digital System 1

Chaired by: Štefan Jaud (Technical University  Munich \n Obermeyer Planen + Beraten GmbH)

15:45 BIM implementation for the Rail Baltica Global Project
Raitis Busmanis (RB Rail AS) , Jovita Starynina (RB Rail AS)

16:15 Dynamo: an easy and helpful tool in the design of a scenic footbridge
Rosa Maria Torra Reventós (Sabadell City Council)

16:45 Creating BIM »as built« 3D road elements based on existing roads point cloud scan data
Leon Leban (CGS Labs d.o.o.)

17:15 From data to bridge design - Make the most of infrastructure open data in bridge design and asset management
Eetu Partala (Sweco)


Challenger 2

Chaired by: Erkki Mäkinen (Trimble)

15:45 3D infrastructure data integration in BIM based construction processes
Steffen Rabe (RIB Information Technologies AG) , Hans Schulz (RIB Information Technologies AG)

16:10 Louhi Project Dashboard - Case Raide-Jokeri & Kruunusillat projects
Arla Hillner (Sitowise)

16:35 Interoperability in infrastructure asset management during planning, construction and maintenance lifecycles
Jussi Laaksonen (Trimble Solutions Corporation)

17:00 Worksite collaboration with interactive drone maps and laser scanning data
Lauri Hartikainen (

17:25 Data Driven Infrastructure and Automated Design
Phil Langley (Bryden Wood)


19.00 Dinner


Wednesday January 16

9.00 Parallel Sessions

Planning and Design 2

Chaired by: Risto Vahenurm (BIMConsult OÜ)

09:00 Fully integrated BIM in Norwegian railway project
Simen Riseng Olsen (Norconsult AS)

09:30 Life Cycle Performance from BIM for Major Infrastructure: case study HS2, UK
Panu Pasanen (Bionova Ltd.)

10:00 First steps in the world of BIM in Estonia
Erko Puusaag (Estonian Road Administration)


Digital System 2

Chaired by: Winfries Stix (building SMART Austria)

09:00 The Road from ConnectedBIM to OpenBIM
Peter Imbrechts (Neanex)

09:30 BIM + GIS: the key ingredients for Digital Twin
Jarkko Männistö (Sitowise Oy), Jere Metsävuo (Sitowise Oy)

10:00 Information flow in design phase Case Ylästö City of Vantaa
Susanna Leinonen (Ramboll Finland Oy)


Standards, guidelines, classifications 1

Chaired by: Miika Kostamo (Novatron)

09:00 IFC Infra Development
Tiina Perttula (Ramboll Finland Oy)

09:30 GeoBIM for full underground BIM design
Mats Svensson (Tyréns AB)

10:00 The Pasila-Riihimäki project
Teppo Rauhala (Novatron Oy) , Maunu Tast (Sitowise Oy)


Challenger 3

Chaired by: Teemu Kivimäki (Infrakit)

09:00 All in – BIM, CIM and AIM for built environment
Teemu Nivell (Point Group Oy)

09:25 Standardising product data for digital use
Lars Chr. Fredenlund (coBuilder AS)


10.30 Coffee, Exhibition and Networking


11.00 Parallel Sessions

Standards, guidelines, classifications 2

Chaired by: Juha Liukas (Sitowise)

11:00 BIM in Landscape - developing landscape information modeling
Vilma Pylkkö (Ramboll Finland Oy)

11:30 Piloting Model-based Administrative Processing of Engineering Plans
Maija Ketola (Sitowise Oy)

12:00 A study on open data formats in road infrastructure projects
Daniel Söderlindh (The Swedish Transport Administration)


Construction 2

Chaired by: Ville Suntio (Destia)

11.00 BIM solution for the whole facility lifecycle
Igor Rogachev (S-INFO)

11:30 Highway 4 Kello - Räinänperä road building project: digital quality management and data handling
Olli Planting (Destia) , Katja Puolitaival (Welado Ltd)

12:00 BIM and situational awareness in project management
Jarkko Aittoniemi (Sweco PM) , Eelon Lappalainen (Sweco PM)


BIM Competences

Chaired by: Timo Lehtoviita (Saimaa University of Applied Sciences)

11:00 a “less-is-more approach” to procurement for infrastructure projects
Odilo Schoch (ETH Zurich / Schoch Arch. Serv. LLC)

11:30 Let's wake up - Limited thinking for BIM
Antti Karjalainen (WSP)

12:00 Training and development model to achieve BIM competencies in construction and design teams
Nada Milivojevic (Coventry University)


Challenger 4

Chaired by: Pasi Joensuu (Infrakit)

11:00 Infraconstruction in year 2025
Teemu Kivimäki (Infrakit)

11:25 Speeding up BIM collaboration
Kim Nyberg (Trimble Solutions Corporation)

11:50 Your reality. Your way.
Mikael Svensson (Hexagon Geosystems)

12:15 Rethinking the Building Information Model
Henriikka Keskinen (VRT Finland Oy Ltd.)


12.30 Lunch, Exhibition and Networking


13.30 Co-Operation and Future

Chaired by: Tomi Henttinen (buildingSMART Finland / Gravicon Oy)

13:30 Nordic Public Client´s BIM co-operation
Kristin Lysebo (Bane NOR)

14:00 IFC Rail: Overview and Methodology
Guy Pagnier (IFC-Rail)

14:30 Next Generation InfraBIM Guidelines in Finland
Josefiina Saarnikko (Sitowise Oy), Niki Tapper (Ramboll Finland Oy)

15.00 Keynote - The twin city in Helsinki-Tallinn area will boost economic growth and open the doors to Europe
Jyrki Keinänen (AINS Group)


15.30 Closing words

Jyrki Keinänen (AINS Group)


Organizer reserves the right to any changes without notice

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