Programme outline

Organizers reserve the rights for any changes. 


8.00 Registration opens

8.30-8.40 Opening words

9.40-10.30 Session 1

  • Well-designed Data Flows in Infrastructure Projects – Key to Successful Projects
  • Determining Sampling Points Using Railway Track Structure Data Analysis
  • Smart Junction - Open Data Platform for Improving Traffic Management
  • Representing a two-dimensional specimen of stabilized quarry fines using a random particle generator
  • Research on car use and ownership: how car fleet data and national travel surveys support each other

10.30-11.30 TRA

11.30-12.00 Lunch

12.00-13.00 Session 2

  • Bottle necks of creating digital infrastructure in Finland
  • Railroad sustainability reporting across two continents and four nations

13.00-14.30 TRA

14.30-15.00 Coffee 

15.00-16.20 Session 3

  • Residential relocation and travel behavior change: investigating the effects of changes in the built environment, activity dispersion, car ownership, and travel attitude
  • Evaluation of public transport policy formulation and implementation: Case study of 24 mid-sized  Nordic cities
  • Traffic management for CAVs: Influence on traffic characteristics and control strategies
  • Questioning mobility as a service: unanticipated implications for society and governance

16.20-16.30 Closing words

16.45 TRA, Infra4Dfuture reception