Programme outline

Confirmed presentations can be found below

Organizers reserve the rights for any changes. 


Well-designed Data Flows in Infrastructure Projects – Key to Successful Projects
Heikki Halttula


Determining Sampling Points Using Railway Track Structure Data Analysis
Mikko Sauni*


Smart Junction - Open Data Platform for Improving Traffic Management
Iisakki Kosonen*


Representing a two-dimensional specimen of stabilized quarry fines using a random particle generator
Daniel Castillo


Research on car use and ownership: how car fleet data and national travel surveys support each other
Riku Viri


Bottle necks of creating digital infrastructure in Finland
Kaisu Laitinen


Railroad sustainability reporting across two continents and four nations
Paul Larson


Residential relocation and travel behavior change: investigating the effects of changes in the built environment, activity dispersion, car ownership, and travel attitude
Samira Ramezani


Evaluation of public transport policy formulation and implementation: Case study of 24 mid-sized  Nordic cities
Christoffer Weckström


Traffic management for CAVs: Influence on traffic characteristics and control strategies
Claudio Roncoli*


Questioning mobility as a service: unanticipated implications for society and governance
Milos Mladenovic


*To be confirmed