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Bygg X: the next disruption for the building industry

ke lokak. 23 14:59:00 2019

Bygg X is a data sharing platform bringing built environment data in one place. 

The building industry is facing substantial technical challenges related to the diversity, the quality and the consistency of data related to the built environment. 

Bygg X intends to create a way to build and design faster, better and less expensive.

During the life cycle of a building, one need to contact lot of different specialists at the same time and it’s challenging in many ways. The siloed data in value chain and in the building process slows up the work.

Bygg X is being developed with the following objectives:

  • Identify, access, collect, and structure relevant building-related data within a data exchange and sharing platform. Bygg X will focus on making structured building-related data available to the society.
  • Extract relevant business insights from building-related data. Bygg X will focus on the development of performant analytics.
  • Trigger new digital services within the building industry and across other sectors. Bygg X will foster the development of innovative digital services.

Bygg X has two main focus areas: increase and improve collaboration and encourage companies to share data, also multisectoral. It encourages traditional and start ups to co-operate and learn from each other.

They have three steps to go further:

  1. improve the old practices
  2. do new things with digital tools
  3. do new things with old tools and practises

Their mission is save the world with sustainability and they emphasize that construction sector has to integrate sustainability to part of the business.

Sustainability is not only about environmental issues. It’s e.g. increasing access to education by building more schools, better, faster and less expensive. Sustainability is also about collaborating and sharing data.


Adapted from WDBE 2019 Conference, Nathalie Labonnote’s presentation.

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