What are the biggest changes at construction sector?

pe kesäk. 01 14:03:00 2018

I think the biggest changes will emerge in the area of more pre-fabricated buildings. The construction sector is one of the few sectors (in many countries) that does not have factories to produce many products in. A lot is currently done by hand, on the construction site. I think this will change rapidly.

Also Building Information Models (BIM), that allow architects and other stakeholders to design buildings in such a precise way that failures are being phased out in the design phase already, will be increasingly adopted.

Lastly, a change that is already going on is the demand for a more sustainable urban environment in which buildings are energy positive and where all materials can and will be reused at the end of their lifecycle. 

Rob Oomen

Madaster - Netherlands
Keynote speaker, WASCON 2018

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