What are the biggest changes at construction sector?

ke kesäk. 06 10:50:00 2018

Clearly the biggest change in the construction industry right now is that the adoption of BIM is reaching maturity. In the near future I expect that we will see an increasing number of applications of Construction Tech, things like computer vision, tracking of equipment and workers, etc., to improve production control.

Another innovation's automating construction equipment is likely to become available on site, or at least as beta versions, within the mid-term period; these too are thoroughly dependent on BIM models.

I think that in the longer term we can expect to see a significantly greater amount of prefabrication much more manufacturing off site and  delivery for assembly than we see today, not only for traditional things like precast concrete, but also MEP racks, bathrooms modules, and other such things.

I think we will also see in 20 years' time much more application of AI techniques to design: design advice, automated code compliance checking, and so on. All of the approaches to code checking so far have been rule based. We will see greater applications of machine learning in the context of BIM,  not only for model checking itself, but perhaps most importantly for semantic enrichment of instance models to the point where they have the concepts and the objects of the objects available for code checking and for other smart applications.

Rafael Sacks

Professor Rafael Sacks
Technion - Israel Institute of Technology - ICCCBE 2018

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